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What is the Diamond Approach.

Most of us yearn to feel a greater sense of depth and presence in our lives. We may have had momentary experiences of presence and inner freedom - perhaps from pursuing devotional and meditative practices, being in nature, or doing personal work in counseling - but they stay as "peak moments" and we remain identified with the familiar, slightly dull sense of our personality.

The Diamond Approach is a method of spiritual practice for inner transformation that focuses on living one's realization in the world in a mature and meaningful way. It is characterized by a sincere inquiry into your personal experience, fueled by a love of the truth.

​The Diamond Approach blends the insights of modern psychological understanding with meditation and spiritual practices. It uses a modern school format that combines large group teachings, experiential practices with other students, and practices done alone.

The central practice of the Diamond Approach is called Inquiry - an open exploration of your personal, in-the-moment experience. Through inquiry, you learn to safely see through deeply held beliefs that limit how you experience yourself. And you discover how to recognize innate qualities like compassion, strength and peace. As you experience more presence and inner freedom you are given meditation and body sensing practices to do on your own so you can sustain and deepen the changes that you’re making. 


Over time you become open and non-judgmental about more and more of your experience. You learn to be curious about and explore whatever arises in you, allowing you to live with more depth, kindness and ease.

You may have already done or are doing psychotherapeutic work and feel there is more to explore beyond that framework, or have an established meditation or spiritual practice but feel blocked by issues of your personality. Previous experience with inner work is not required but a personal desire to commit to the work of spiritual self-knowing is essential.

"I have had a life-changing experience working with the Diamond Approach for the past 26 years. The Diamond Approach is among the most integrated and visionary teachings of body, heart, and spirit that I know.”

- Jack Kornfield, Buddhist teacher and author

In Bloom

More reading & listening options.

Some suggested sources for reading and listening.

The Ridhwan School, the website for the school of the Diamond Approach teaching.


Food For The Soul: The Diamond Approach to Inner Realization.


The Method of Inquiry

Uncovering the Essential Self


Interview with A.H. Almaas: Love of the Truth, Without End

Interview with Diamond Approach Teacher Jessica Britt


Selections by A.H. Almaas.


Diamond Heart Book One

Spacecruiser Inquiry

The Unfolding Now

Soul Without Shame by Byron Brown

The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of A.H. Almaas by John Davis

The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram: Nine Faces of the Soul by Sandra Maitri

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