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Teaching Team

Gina Crago

A student of the Diamond Approach for over thirty years, Gina Crago teaches groups in Colorado, Massachusetts and Texas. In addition, Gina is a training teacher, supervising other Diamond Approach Teachers.  She worked for many years as a psychotherapist, and lives in Colorado.

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Greg Knight

Greg Knight has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1996.  As a Diamond Approach Teacher, Greg works with students and groups in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and nationally by videoconferencing.  Greg is also a body and movement therapist and teacher.  He lives in Rhode Island with his wife and three kids.


The teachers who facilitate Diamond Approach retreats are Teachers/Ministers of the Ridhwan School.  All Diamond Approach Teachers complete a rigorous seven-year training program, with an extensive period of supervision, while continuing their own ongoing spiritual work as students of the Diamond Approach.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."    - Rumi
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