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Opportunities to Experience the Diamond Approach. 
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August Retreat: Benevolent Universe

August 17 to 20

When we are completely relaxed and being ourselves in a real way, we can directly feel that life is inherently good. We confidently engage with life, because we feel a presence of basic trust, an innate sense that the universe is fundamentally benevolent. In contrast, when we are identified with our historical conditioning, our usual, ego-ic identity, at some level we feel mistrust, fear, and even anger that we aren’t experiencing the support we believe we need.  On this retreat, we will continue to explore what it takes to know that Being is the fundamental ground of all existence, and that its nature is inherently benevolent. 

This group is currently open to new students.


If  you have questions, or want to be sure to be informed about upcoming events, please email Carrie O'Brien .



Free Intro to the Diamond Approach: The Obstacle Is The Way

July 13,  7:00 pm - 9:30 pm, Eastern Daylight Time

In life, when we encounter limitations or obstacles, we generally try to surmount them, go around them, or just be done with them in one way or another. On a spiritual journey, we often similarly try to overcome the inner obstacles we encounter, which is most commonly our ego and its familiar reactivities, desires, and resistances. 


In the Diamond Approach, we take a different path: we find the most effective way to inner growth is to meet our inner obstacles, and go through them via understanding. In this introduction to the Diamond Approach, we will explore why this works, and how we do it.


Come get a taste of this view of reality. Join us for this evening class, which will include a meditation, talk, experiential exploration, and time for questions and discussion.


Where: This teaching will be on Zoom.


Future 2023 Retreat Dates:

Nov 30 - Dec 3, 2023


Individual Sessions

If you would like to further explore your interest in the Diamond Approach you can apply to work with a Diamond Approach teacher in individual spiritual insight sessions.

In private session work, you work one on one with a teacher to learn the Diamond Approach practice of Inquiry - an open ended exploration into the truth of your immediate experience.   This can include psychological discernment, precise questioning, breath work, and body sensing practices. All of these processes support your unfolding discoveries about your inner nature and spiritual development. Your personal unfoldment arises naturally, spontaneously and uniquely in a way that is natural, spontaneous, and unique.


Please contact us to for more information on beginning private session work.


Pink Flower
"There is no end to the adventure of Being - Being is infinite and its possibilities are limitless."

- A.H. Almaas

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