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December Retreat: The Habit of Sleep, and the Awakening of Presence

December 1 to December 4


Our habitual, unconscious ways of thinking about ourselves are often seen as the greatest obstacle to knowing our true nature. In effect, even though we are physically awake, we are also asleep, asleep to the crisp presence of being itself. In the Diamond Approach, waking up to the presence of our true nature includes waking up to the ways we are asleep to that same presence.

On this retreat, we will learn how to bring open awareness and curiosity to the ways we are caught in repetitive ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. Using meditations, talks, and experiential inquiries, we can find that we don’t need to go anywhere to genuinely awaken. The crisp presence of our awakening happens right where we are, even within the familiar experiences we often dismiss as dull, difficult, and unwelcome. 

This group is currently open to new students.


Where: This retreat will be on Zoom.

Cost: $385. Financially based scholarship is available.


If  you have questions, or want to be sure to be informed about upcoming events, please email Carrie O'Brien .


Free Introduction to the Diamond Approach - Awakening our Vast Potential

December 1,  7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The potential range of our inner experience is infinitely vast. However, most of us only experience a fraction of our potential, limited by our conditioning, especially from our early life experiences.  But, by exploring our direct experience, we can discover our inherent potential is alive within us, waiting to awaken.


If you are new to the Diamond Approach, and want to get a taste of the teaching, join us for this evening meeting. This is the first meeting of our December Retreat, and will include a meditation, a talk, an experiential exploration, and a time for questions and discussion. After attending this meeting, you may choose to register for and participate in the rest of the December retreat.


Where: This teaching will be on Zoom.


2023 Retreat Dates:

Feb 16 - 19

May 18 - 21

Aug 24 -27

Nov 30 - Dec 3


Individual Sessions

If you would like to further explore your interest in the Diamond Approach you can apply to work with a Diamond Approach teacher in individual spiritual insight sessions.

In private session work, you work one on one with a teacher to learn the Diamond Approach practice of Inquiry - an open ended exploration into the truth of your immediate experience.   This can include psychological discernment, precise questioning, breath work, and body sensing practices. All of these processes support your unfolding discoveries about your inner nature and spiritual development. Your personal unfoldment arises naturally, spontaneously and uniquely in a way that is natural, spontaneous, and unique.


Please contact us to for more information on beginning private session work.


Pink Flower
"There is no end to the adventure of Being - Being is infinite and its possibilities are limitless."

- A.H. Almaas